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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about DesertClassics


Q: Where are the classic and vintage cars, trucks and farm tractors located?
A: Most of our vehicles are located in the dry desert states of the western USA. Most of our classics are located in Idaho, Montana and Nevada. A few of the vehicles are located in other USA states. Most of our vehicles come from the high dry desert of the west where vehicles don't rust.

Q. Who owns DesertClassics?
A. The company is owned by a classic vehicle professional, who has 40 years experience in the classic and vintage vehicle business. See "About Us"

Q: Where is DesertClassics located?
A: The company's main office is located in Butte, Montana. We have operations in Montana, Idaho and Nevada.

Q: Can I get pictures and descriptions of vehicles e-mailed to me?
A: Yes. We have pictures and descriptions of most of the cars, trucks and farm tractors for sale on the website. Please fill out the Request Information Form . Make sure to include all of your contact details or information will not be sent.

Q: Can you find a classic or vintage vehicle for me if it is not in your current inventory?
A: Yes, please fill our our Vehicle Locator Form by clicking here. We will check with our vehicle sources and also place your request on our Vehicles Wanted  page. If we locate the vehicle you are looking for, we will contact you.

Q: Can I list my car for sale on your website?
A: No, we do not accept private listings.

Q: What are your sales policies and how do I purchase a vehicle from DesertClassics?
A: To see our Sales Policies, Terms and Conditions, click here


Q: Do you arrange to ship me the vehicle?
A: Yes, I arrange all shipping by ground transport and ocean container. I do all the work and all the paper work. You pay for the cost of the shipping. For USA ground transport, you pay the shipping COD. For worldwide international shipments, all shipping charges must be paid in advance.

Q. How much does it cost to ship a vehicle?
A. Shipping a vehicle in the continental USA is about $.50 to$.70 per mile for USA ground transportation. The vehicles are mostly located in Montana, Idaho and Nevada. We also arrange and coordinate worldwide container shipping for our customers. See below for USA ground transportation and international container shipping costs.

Typical USA ground transportation shipping costs per average size 16'-18' vehicle (all prices are USD, subject to market prices, conditions and price changes):
ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, No.NY and So.Florida: $1200-$1800 USD
NY, PA, NJ, DE, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA: $1000-$1600 USD
OH, KY, TN, MS, AL, LA: $900-$1200 USD
MI, IN, IL MO, AR, TX: $900-$1100 USD
WI, MN, IA, NE, KS, OK, No. Texas, NM: $700-$900 USD
ND, SD, NE, CO, AZ, So. CA: $500-$800 USD
No.CO, UT, NV, No.CA, OR, WA: $400-$700 USD
MT, ID, WY, Western Canada Border: $300-$500 USD

International Container Shipping (per average size 16'-18' vehicle, shared 40 ft. container unless otherwise indicated):
(All prices are USD. Prices vary and subject to change due of cost increases and fuel surcharges)


Buenos Aires $4,675 for 3 in 40 foot container

Brisbane $1,550
Perth WA $2,600
Sydney $1,850

Helsinki $1,950

Bremerhaven $1,100

Dublin $2,750 in private 20 foot container

Gioia Tauro $2,850 in private 20 foot container

Shuwaikh $3,600 for 3 in 40 foot container

Walvis Port $4,700 in private 20 foot container

Rotterdam $1300

Oslo $2,300

New Zealand:
Auckland $1,550
Port Chalmers $3,300 for 2 in 40 foot container
Wellington $1,500

Karachi $2,300

South Africa:
Durbin $3,500 in private 20 foot container

Valencia $2,850 in private 20 foot container

Gothenburg $1,500

United Kingdom:
Felixstowe $1,200
Southampton $1,650


Paranaque $1,800 in private 20 foot container

Walvis Port $3,100 in private 20 foot container


Q: Are your prices negotiable?
A: No, all our prices are set at our bottom selling price.

Q: Do you accept deposits to hold a vehicle.
A: Sorry, we do not accept deposits. All vehicles remain for sale until they are paid for.

Q: What type of payments are accepted?
A: We only accept wire transfers or direct deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS

Q: What are your sales terms and conditions?
A: Please click here to view DesertClassic's Terms and Conditions of Sale.


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