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This historic 1955 Johnson and Shipley B-Lakester red #48-B belly-tank racer holds a number of Bonneville National Speed Trials land speed records such as the 1963 B-Lakester 255.501 MPH  (taken from Tom Beatty, car #100B) and 1964 A-Lakester at 263.350 MPH. Famed land speed racer Don Johnson piloted the car and partner Jeff Shipley took care of the motor and car. The car was bought from legendary racer Roy Fjasted, who owned and raced the car until 1961. The car is one of three cars built by Car Craft Machine and one of a handful of early belly-tank racers known to exist. Car #28 is usually in the Petersen Automotive Museum. Car #100B sold at Monterey 2007 for $440,000. This remaining car has been in a private collection since 1991. The body is made from a P-51 Mustang drop tank. The car has a correct 331 CID Chrysler hemi V-8 motor with 6-71 GMC supercharger and 2 port Hilborn fuel injection. Power is delivered to a Gilmor in-and-out box and quick-change rear end. The car has been featured in numerous publications from 1963 to 1999. The 48-B was shown by invitation at Bonneville in 1998. The car is a restored rolling display and of course needs to be rebuild mechanically to race again.  It is a fully-documented car and comes with the Bonnieville B trophy, documentation and photo history. For any serious race car collector or museum, this is a must-have one-of-a-kind classic Lakester. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this historic Lakester. For sale $500,000.

Desert Classics ... 1955 Bonneville B-Lakester Land Speed Belly Tank Race Car For Sale
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1955 Bonneville B-Lakester Belly Tank Race Car in current owner's shop
1955 Bonneville B-Lakester Belly Tank Race Car displayed at Bonneville 1998
Don Johnson changing plugs before the 1963 B record run
Don Johnson (L), Jeff Shipley (C) and Bob Greene, Hot Rod editor in 1963
Car #100B goes across the block at Gooding auction, Monterrey 2007
Just before 100B sellings for $440,000 at Gooding auction, Monterey 2007
Above photos of Tom Beatty's #100B just before selling for $440,000 at Gooding auction, Monterey 2007