Desert Classics...1918-1919 Willys-Knight Model 88-4 Chassis With Wire Wheels For Sale
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This 1918-1919 Willys-Knight model 88-4 chassis with wire wheels has a 121" wheelbase. The rear suspension on this chassis was modified when some rancher made it into a hay wagon so we can't tell exactly what wheelbase it was. The wheelbase measures 122" at this time. This chassis or at least the wheels and axles may also fit the shorter 114" wheelbase model 88-4 Willys-Knight from 1917.The wheels are the large 25" pin drive knock off wheels likely made by Houk or House of Buffalo New York before they became the Wire Wheel Company of America and built Buffalo wire wheels. The wheels are good and restorable but have some corrosion where the tires trapped water over the years. The four large hub caps are very good but are missing the identification plates that would have told what company made them and what car they were originally used on. Three of the lock rings are included but one is missing. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this restorable vintage chassis.
For sale $3,500

1918-1919 Willys-Knight Model 88-4 Chassis With Wire Wheels For Sale right front view
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