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Desert Classics...1950 Mercury Two Door Coupe For Sale

This very scarce 1950 Mercury two door coupe is the perfect candidate for a full-blown custom Merc lead sled. The coupe has a rare after-market sun visor. We have a good 1951 hood. The left headlight trim and parking light lens are missing. The left front fender has a repairable dent. There is rust in the left fender at the bottom behind the wheel wheel and in the front of the fender. The left inner fender is rusted. The left front fender trim is broken and in the trunk. There is some rust on the right quarter forward of the wheel well. The right quarter is dented in the back and has some rust in the forward rocker area. There is under-door rocker rust on both side. The right tail light lens is broken. We have the rear bumper. The glass is good. The trunk floor has some rusted areas.  The seats are all there. The floors are solid. The dash is complete except the radio is missing. The motor and radiator are missing. There is no differential and rear chassis. There is chassis frame and underbody rust. This car has everything needed to build a cool Merc lead sled and it is priced well below value. Restorable project 1949-50 Mercury coupes are very hard to find as almost all survivors have been restored or rodded. We rarely find vehicles like this so don't miss this opportunity. Please call for details at (406) 318-0270 for details. Not a roller. Must be picked up or arrange your own shipping. For sale $3,500.

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1950 Mercury Two Door Coupe For Sale $3,500 left rear quarter view
1950 Mercury Two Door Coupe For Sale $3,500 left front interior view
1950 Mercury Two Door Coupe For Sale $3,500 left front view
1950 Mercury Two Door Coupe For Sale $3,500 front engine compartment view