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Desert Classics...1976 Dodge Chinook Sportsman RV For Sale
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This white 1976 Dodge Chinook Sportsman recreational vehicle is a very complete classic motor home ready to be restored. This is a Chinook RV build on a Dodge F30 chassis. It has been parked on our farm  for more than 10 years. The grill is missing. The side covers are missing. The rear door handle has been cut, the lamination is gone and the hinges are not good. The right tail light is bad. The rest of the body is very straight. The passenger seat is missing. The interior is all there, including the stove, sink and refrigerator. The inside is very dirty as for years a window was open and birds were roosting inside. It will need a serious cleaning but it looks all salvageable. It has  dash and roof air conditioners. The odometer reads 82,749 but we have no way of knowing if this is the actual mileage. The motor is either a 318 CID or 360 CID V-8 with automatic transmission. The motor is very complete and nothing has been removed. The running  and operating condition is unknown. This would make a cool classic RV when restored. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this restorable classic project car. For sale $3,000
1976 Dodge Chinook Sportsman RV left front view
1976 Dodge Chinook Sportsman RV right rear view
1976 Dodge Chinook Sportsman RV right front interior view
1976 Dodge Chinook Sportsman RV right motor view