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This white 1969 Dodge W100 4X4 Power Wagon is a good, solid project truck ready to be restored. The body and chassis are solid and straight, except the right front fender is dented in the front. The windshield is cracked. There is no bed. It has a mechanical PTO winch. The interior is all there. The floors are solid. It has a 383 CID V-8 and 4 speed transmission. The front brakes have been disassembled and the master cylinder is off. The rear brakes have not been pulled. The brakes need to be rebuilt.  The front wheels are back on so it is rolling. The front rims have been changed to conventional rims. The front split rims that came with the truck are included. The carburetor is off and has been rebuilt. The gas tank is out and has been cleaned. The front drive line is out and is missing the bolt flange that connects it to the differential. The motor turns over. Both exhaust manifolds are cracked and need to be replaced. For someone with mechanical skills, this is a great opportunity to put this 69 Power Wagon back on the road. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this 69 Power Wagon. For sale $3,000.

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Desert Classics ... 1969 Dodge W100 Power Wagon 4X4 Truck with Winch For Sale
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1969 Dodge W100 4X4 Power Wagon truck right front view
1969 Dodge W100 4X4 Power Wagon truck right rear view
1969 Dodge W100 4X4 Power Wagon truck left interior view
1969 Dodge W100 4X4 Power Wagon truck right front motor view