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Desert Classics...1925 Diamond T Model U3 2 1/2 Ton Flatbed Truck For Sale
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This red 1925 Diamond T Model U3 2 1/2 ton flatbed is an extremely scarce, very complete all-original survivor truck ready to be restored. The front sheet metal is solid and fairly straight. The lower hood sides are missing. The radiator, shell and headlights are good. The headlight parts are missing. The wooden cab is fairly complete except the doors and top wood are missing. The controls and floor are all there. There is no seat. The steering  wheel ring is missing. The dahs gauges and controls are all there. The bed is mostly all there. The chassis is complete. The wooden wheels with hard rubber tires are all there except the rear out dual wheels are missing. The four cylinder flathead motor, transmission and drive train are all there. Here is an excellent opportunity to own and restore a very scarce 1925 Diamond T truck. 

SOLD $5,500.