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Desert Classics...1942 Dodge G502 Model WC-52 4X4 3/4 Ton Weapons Carrier For Sale
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This olive drab 1942 Dodge WC-52 3/4 ton 4X4 Type B open canopy top weapons carrier (with winch) is a partially restored classic WWII military truck that runs and drives well and can either be further restored or used the way it is. This is my personal project truck. I purchased the truck in 2007 in Butte Montana. The truck belonged to the seller's deceased uncle, who used the truck for many years hauling fuel and supplies to a remote cabin in the Absarokta Range near Big Timber Montana and Yellowstone National Park See photos of the truck with Elmer Fudd cab as it looked when I purchased it. I removed the cab and steel flatbed and I shipped the truck to my friend Tom in Billings, who rebuilt the motor. The truck was  missing the weapons carrier bed which is next to impossible to find. By remote chance, Tom found a 1944 Dodge WC-51 (no winch) post war truck in Arizona, which I purchased and shipped to Montana. I removed the weapons carrier bed, front floor, gas tank, rear bumpers, shock linkage and other misc. parts, then stored the remaining parts truck at my friend Ed's yard in Butte, where it remains today. I moved the WC-52 truck, bed, floor and parts to Anaconda in 2012. I has been in my automotive shop since then and last week was driven out of the shop and parked on the street. I purchased new front bumpers, winch mount frames and new winch gears, seals and gaskets from Vintage Power Wagon. All the bearings were good. I rebuilt this stock Bradon MU-2 5,000 LB. PTO winch. The mounts and front bumpers are new. The winch in missing the in-out shifter assembly that mounts on the top of the winch. This assembly allows the spool to be disengaged to pull out the cable by hand. This assembly is available from Vintage Powerwagon. Currently, there is a spacer that engages the spool all the time and the winch runs in and out under PTO power. I removed the leaking gas tank and replaced it with the good tank from the WC-51. I built a lockable hinged gas filler cover for fuel security. I rebuilt the rear frame cross member and bumpers and installed this rear unit. New grade 8 bolts were used in the assembly of the front and rear bumpers and winch.  I mounted the box and pressed out the major body damage. I installed a new exterior plywood floor in the box. I have a set of new Vintage Powerwagon brackets to built the canopy top. There are nice reproduction canvas canopy tops available.  I removed the original front floor which had been butchered in the passenger seat area to build a battery box where the navigator seat was. I restored, then installed the good WC-51 front floor. I could not find a passenger bucket seat so I made a pattern from the driver bucket seat and fabricated a useable navigator bucket seat. It is by far not a perfect reproduction but it is functional. Vintage Powerwagon has NOS seat backs and spring sets.  I rewired the headlights ,stop lights and turn signals and all are functioning. The truck has standard fender headlights, stock left front fender spotlight and add-on large grill mounted auxiliary headlights. I have not worked on the front blackout lights, which are original and all there. I installed a backup spotlight and new aftermarket horn. I installed new windshield frame rear mirror and side mirrors. I have not worked on the vacuum wipers and they need to be restored or replaced with electric wipers. I relocated the battery to it's stock position in the front right side of the box. There is a hinged lockable assembly to secure the battery from theft. There is a new battery heater blanket and block heater. I bleed the brakes and there is solid pedal at the top of the stroke. The truck has Cooper Discoverer Radial SST 285/75 X16 knobby tires which are in good condition. There is a spare combat wheel with no tire. The not original but correct size Dodge 230 CID 1V 92 HP L-head inline six cylinder motor has been rebuilt and runs very well. The electrical system has been converted to 12 volt and the truck has a 50 ampere generator. The truck has a 4 speed manual floor shift transmission and in/out transfer case. WC-52's did not have a high/low transfer case. The WC-51 parts truck is included. Due to shipped cost of two vehicles, it would be best to pick up the trucks in Anaconda and Butte MT. However, COD shipping can be arranged at no charge through my transport board CentralDispatch, which I have been a member since 2001. Here is your chance to enjoy a nice World War Two WC-52 Weapons Carrier which is both fun to drive and a heavy duty utility vehicle. The truck and parts truck are $10,000
1942 Dodge WC-52 3/4 ton weapons carrier for sale $10,000 right front view
1942 Dodge WC-52 3/4 ton weapons carrier for sale $10,000 left rear view
1942 Dodge WC-52 3/4 ton weapons carrier for sale $10,000 right front driver and dash area view
1942 Dodge WC-52 3/4 ton weapons carrier for sale $10,000 left engine compartment view
1942 WC-52 Specifications
WC-52 as purchased
1942 Dodge WC-52 as purchased right front view
1942 Dodge WC-52 as purchased left rear view
1942 Dodge WC-52 as purchased front winch view
1942 Dodge WC-52 as purchased right cab interior view
1944 Dodge WC-51 Parts Truck
1944 Dodge WC-51 Weapons Carrier parts truck left front view included with WC-52
1942 Dodge WC-52 as purchased left driver area and dash view
1942 Dodge WC-52 as purchased right engine bay view
1942 Dodge WC-52 as purchased left front view as found in Arizona in 2007
Dodge WC-52 Historical Photos
Two 1942 Dodge WC-52 weapons carriers as shipped to the front in WWII
1942 Dodge WC-52  weapons carrier field command operation
1942 Dodge WC-51  getting a little help from the Boys
1942 Dodge WC-51 powering through mud hole
1942 Dodge WC-52 in fully engaged combat
1942 Dodge WC-52 near combat zone
1942 Dodge WC-52 sspecifications sheet 1
1942 Dodge WC-52 sspecifications sheet 2
1942 Dodge WC-52 sspecifications sheet 3
The WC-52 was the workhorse combat vehicle during World War 2. The canopied open cab 4X4 truck was designed to carry 8 combat soldiers with all their weapons in the box, with driver and navigator in the front bucket seats. The truck was designed to go into extremely rough terrain with very low first and second gear, then get out and attain high speeds on open terrain with high-geared third and fourth gear. The truck is rated at 55 MPH top speed in fourth gear. With this setup, no tranfer case was needed and it eliminated one more thing that could break. The truck is rated at an incredible 60 degree approach and descent without using the winch. The approach angle is 37 degrees and the departure angle is 31 degrees. This is less than the WC without winch due to the front winch extension. The gear ratio is 5.83 to 1. Originally, the WC truck was made in a Type A 1/2 ton but this soon proved greatly inadequate and was quickly replaced with the heavy-duty 3/4 ton Type B WC. Over 300,00 WC trucks were made and although not many complete trucks exist today, parts are readily available. See specifications sheets and historical photos.
1942-1944 Dodge Weapons Carrier
WC-51 and WC-52 WWII History