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Desert Classics...1962-era Kellison J-2 Fiberglass Coupe Sports/Race Kit Car For Sale
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This 1962-era Kellison J-2 fiberglass coupe kit race car is a real- deal original Kellison low-production classic sports car body and chassis ready to be restored or customized. This striking and unusually styled body is sitting on a 1955 Triumph TR-3 chassis. This project was never finished and has never had an engine or transmission installed. The steering column and pedal assembly are included. This rather small kit car body was built to fit a chassis with the following specifications: wheelbase 87"-90"; treadwidth 40"-46"; length 154"; width 51-1/2"; height 37-1/2". The car has a beautiful roof side profile styling that is similar to one of the one-off custom bodied Model K Lincoln from the mid 1930's Another special feature of this body is the very distinctive roof with the twin longitudinal humps similar to the Fiat Abarth of similar vintage. This very distinctive twin hump roof styling is carried all the way down through the rear window and into the rear deck. The rear window is the original one that was specially molded from Plexi-glass. It is in very good condition with several minor scratches that should polish out easily. The windshield used was from a 1952-1954 Studebaker that was narrowed about 5 inches on each side. A windshield modification template or pattern was to have been originally shipped with the kit but it is gone. The door hinges are from a 1953 or 1954 Buick or similar GM and are not included. Both of the inner front fenders and the engine fire wall are made from plywood which was not uncommon when building such a kit car about 50 years ago. Ther is no evidence of any motor mounts on the frame to indicate that any engine has every been installed since this body was installed on the chassis many years ago. Someone cut the hood bulge off and the front of the hood appears to have been cut off in order to shorten the front of the hood . That loose piece is include with this project. The only other modification is a hole cut in the inside of the passenger's door. The fiberglass appears to be sound yet with the gel coat missing from only a few spots. These spots without the get coat do not appear to be damaged yet and are not soft. This body has several small and minor damaged areas. There is damage around the windshield frame with a crack is about 6 inches long. The right windshield post appears to be ok but the left one is cracked at the top and bottom. The super fragile lower grille bar is broken loose but it included. The left rear wheel well has a crack running horizontally through most of it. The rear floor section over the rear axle is cracked through the center and has a loose piece about 6" by 10" that is included The extreme rear floor appears to be in very good condition. Some of the interior fiberglass panels including both of the rear wheel wells and the rear floor over the rear axle are very thin and appear to be made of only one layer of glass with resin on both sides Two of the wheel studs had seized nuts on them but they did not turn very hard so my helper did not realize there was a problem until the studs unscrewed from the brake drums. The studs were evidently screwed into the Triumph drums and then staked or smashed inside to keep them from unscrewing. Don't miss this chance to build a very scarce Kellison J-2 fibergalss kit car. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this restorable classic J-2 project car. For sale $5,000.

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1962-era Kellison J-2 Fiberglass Coupe Sports/Race Kit Car For Sale $5,000 right front view
1962-era Kellison J-2 Fiberglass Coupe Sports/Race Kit Car For Sale $5,000 left front view
1962-era Kellison J-2 Fiberglass Coupe Sports/Race Kit Car For Sale $5,000 left interior dash view
1962-era Kellison J-2 Fiberglass Coupe Sports/Race Kit Car For Sale $5,000 left side engine compartment view