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Desert Classics...1932 Franklin Airman Six 5 Passenger Sedan For Sale
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This black and dark blue 1932 Franklin Airman 5 passenger sedan is a very nice original or survivor car that has never been restored. The car ran drove very well about 18 years ago. It has been warehouses since that time and now the hydraulic brakes need work or at least fluid added and the system bled. The black and dark blue paint on the hood an body is all original as is what is left of the cream pin striping. The fenders have been repainted black as have the 6 wire wheels. The chrome on the front and rear bumpers was redone and both of the front door panels were very nicely redone too. The front seat is worn and has a cover. The rear seat upholstery and door panels are all original and are in exceptionally nice original condition. Two of the old tires with white walls were replaced about 18 years ago and both of them were put on the left side of the car. The two black walls on the road wheels on the right side of the car were on it and are still in very nice condition. Both of the spares are old but in are still in good condition. The brake hydraulic master cylinder was professionally sleeved about 20 years ago. There must be a slow leak in the system somewhere. Two of the outer door handles are incorrect. This car runs and drives beautifully as all Franklins do but 50 mph is about the top speed if you don't want to over rev the engine. This car has an optional exhaust manifold hot air heater system with outlets in the passenger side of the firewall and on the floor of the rear seat and it works very well down to about 10 degrees F. There is no windshield defroster so that limits the cold weather use a bit. The original wood window garnish moldings are all in very nice original condition. The original black paint is cracking in places on the body, especially on both upper rear corners, and the original dark blue is wearing thin on the hood. Both of the horns were missing and nice reproductions come with the car. The interior is very presentable and usable except for the front seat that is covered with the blanket. The engine in this car is supercharged of sorts. The engine is air cooled and has a sirocco cooling fan on the front of the crankshaft. It blows cooling air through a sheet metal duct that runs down the left side of the engine. This duct forces the cooling air between the 6 cylinders and cylinder heads. There is a branch off of the main cylinder cooling air duct that forces air into the carburetor intake and therefore supercharges the engine. The air in the cylinder cooling air duct is not under much pressure so the horsepower increase in not very noticeable. One of the chrome knobs on the dash opens a diverter door to let the driver select whether the supercharger is in use or not. When it is not in use, the intake of the carburetor sucks air from the engine compartment rather than from the cooling air duct. The only thing that is missing from this car is the crank hole cover that fits on the bottom of the grille. There are a few restored 1932 Franklins listed in the club roster. There are few if not no other original un-restored original "survivor" 1932 Franklins in existence. Do not miss the chance to own, drive and show this 32 Franklin Airman sedan. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this all-original classic car. For sale $32,000.

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1932 Franklin Airman Six 5 Passenger Sedan For Sale $32,000 right front view
1932 Franklin Airman Six 5 Passenger Sedan For Sale $32,000 right rear view
1932 Franklin Airman Six 5 Passenger Sedan For Sale $32,000 left front interior view
1932 Franklin Airman Six 5 Passenger Sedan For Sale $32,000 left engine compartment view