Desert Classics...1952 Case Model LA Farm Tractor For Sale
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This orange 1952 Case Model LA farm tractor is a very solid, straight, complete tractor ready to be restored. The engine runs fine and has smooth and even power. It does not smoke or rattle but I believethere may be a bit of valve noise. I am sure the valves could be adjusted after all these years. The rear tires are very nice and the left front one is too but the right front tire has a few minor cracks from sitting flat for a while.  I drained and flushed the cooling system and refilled it with a 50-50 mixture of new anti-freeze. I then found out the radiator has a slow leak near the top of the core because it lost about a gallon ofcoolant while setting over night. I loosened the engine oil pan drain plug and found no water and the oil looked like new so I never changed it beforestarting the engine. The original Case oil pressure gauge showed no oil pressure so I shut the engine downand attached another gauge. The engine maintains 35-40 pounds of oil pressure at all times. I had no 6 volt battery at the ranch so I triedusing a 12 volt battery to start the engine. The starter worked fine but would grind on engaging theflywheel ring gear occasionally so I hand cranked the engine after that. The flywheel ring gear may be worn,the starter drive ma be worn or the grinding on engagement may be due to the 12 volt battery engagingthe starter drive harder than it would normally be engaged. The rebuilt carburetor works fine but theflexible choke control cable is seized tight from rust. I tried to remove it from the dash and free itup but the nut holding it to the dash is seized too. I tried to get under the dash with a torch and free upthe nut on the cable housing but I could not get my head and the torch in there at the same time. I thingone will have to remove the dash to properly free up this choke control cable. The steering is very nice and tight and has almost no play at the steering wheel. The parking brake works fine but the individual wheel brakes are hydraulic and need to have both master cylinders and wheel cylinders rebuilt. The hand clutch works great and the transmission gear shift works fine too. The temperature gauge and amp-meter don't seem to work and will need to be replaced or rebuilt. The original owner removed the radiator shutteras was very common years ago to prevent the engine from over heating if the operator forgot to open theshutter after the engine warmed up to operating temperature. It is loose and is included and is shown on the left rear corner of the operator's platform in one of the attached photos. Other loose parts includedare the original PTO outside cover and the original PTO inner shaft cover. This tractor still has all of the original head and tail lights with the original glass lenses intact but I forgot to see if they still work or not. The wire bail that holds the glass Mason jar on the air cleaner intake stack broke on one side so I removed the fragile glass jar and packed it it the tool box. Ithink I have another air intake stack some where inn my spare tractor parts but have not been able to findit yet. I will give it to you if and when I find it. I forgot to look in a file folder at the ranch for the original owner's manual which dad may have received from the widow of the original owner. I will have Mom look for it and give it to you too if we find it. I am not sure Dad ever had one for this tractor but I have no use for it now and would like to see it stay with the tractor if possible.  Now that this tractor is running and usable, I kind of hate to see it go but it needs a new home I
guess. It is an exceptionally nice original and complete tractor. Please call (406) 318-0270 for details about this restorable classic project car. For sale $3,500
1952 Case Model LA Farm Tractor right front view
1952 Case Model LA Farm Tractor right rear view
1952 Case Model LA Farm Tractor left front view
1952 Case Model LA Farm Tractor left rear view
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