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DesertClassics Shipping Policies and Estimated US and International Shipping Costs

Q: Do you arrange to ship me the vehicle?
A: Yes, I arrange all shipping by ground transport and ocean container. I do all the work and all the paper work. You pay for the cost of the shipping. For USA ground transport, you pay the shipping COD. For worldwide international shipments, all shipping charges must be paid in advance.

Q. How much does it cost to ship a vehicle?
A. Shipping a vehicle in the continental USA is about $.50 to$.70 per mile for USA ground transportation. The vehicles are mostly located in Montana, Idaho and Nevada. We also arrange and coordinate worldwide container shipping for our customers. See below for USA ground transportation and international container shipping costs.


Once the payment is made, I get the vehicle ready to ship and list the shipment on CentralDispatch.com. I set the price and the terms of the transportation. All shipping quotes are subject to change due to changing market conditions and foreign exchange rates. Once listed, I then wait until a transporter agrees to transport the vehicle. I then issue a Shipping Agreement and email you a copy. I coordinate the shipment until it arrives at it's destination. You pay the transporter COD. Once the vehicle leaves my property on the transporter, I am no longer responsible for loss, damage or theft. It takes anywhere from one week to several months or more before a transporter agrees to transport the shipment. Shipping time depends entirely on market conditions and availability of transporters hauling loads from the vehicle location to the vehicle destination. I do not call up transporters and book a shipment. I list the job on Central Dispatch and wait until a transporter agrees to haul the load. I do not sell or ship in the State of Montana.


For Canadian shipments, I locate a towing company at your nearest port of entry and ship the vehicle to them. You can then have it picked up at the towing company and take it across the border. For Canadian shipments, the ground transportation to the USA side must be paid in advance. You must hire a customs agent to export a vehicle out of the USA and into Canada.


For international shipments other than those bound for the Canadian border, I first ship the vehicle to my container shippers in Long Beach, California or another port if more economical or if requested. The shipping companies I use are Amid Logistics, LLC  www.oceanfreightusa.com Schumacher Cargo Logistics  www.schumachercargo.com or CFR Line www.cfrline.com  For the lowest rate, Schumacher or CFR usually consolidates the vehicle with other vehicles and goods (shared container) and ships the container to your port. You can also have your own private 20' or 40' container. It arrives much faster and costs considerably more, except if you have 2-3 vehicles, then it is considerably cheaper. I also arrange RO/RO roll on/roll of for running and driving vehicles when necessary. All oversized vehicles must be shipped RO/RO or you have to pay for 3 containers because of overhang on both sides of a flat rack container. For international shipments other than Canadian border shipments, it usually takes 3-4 months total from the time you purchase the vehicle until you receive it.  For container shipments, all ground and container costs must be paid in advance. If you are not familiar with importing vehicles, you need to hire a Customs Broker at your destination port. You can also arrange your own transportation or pick up the vehicle. All container charges must be paid in advance. Vehicle cleaning, if required, is an additional charge of $250 USD, or by estimate depending on what is needs to be done.

Typical USA ground transportation shipping costs per average size 16'-18' vehicle (all prices are USD, subject to market prices, conditions and price changes):
ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, No.NY and So.Florida: $1200-$1800 USD
NY, PA, NJ, DE, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA: $1000-$1600 USD
OH, KY, TN, MS, AL, LA: $900-$1200 USD
MI, IN, IL MO, AR, TX: $900-$1100 USD
WI, MN, IA, NE, KS, OK, No. Texas, NM: $700-$900 USD
ND, SD, NE, CO, AZ, So. CA: $500-$800 USD
No.CO, UT, NV, No.CA, OR, WA: $400-$700 USD
ID, WY, Western Canada Border: $300-$500 USD

International Container Shipping (per average size 16'-18' vehicle, shared 40 ft. container unless otherwise indicated):
(All prices are USD. Prices vary and subject to change due of cost increases and fuel surcharges)


Buenos Aires $4,675 for 3 in 40 foot container

Brisbane $1,750
Perth WA $2,600
Sydney $1,850

Helsinki $1,950

Le Havre $1,400

Bremerhaven $1,600

Dublin $2,750 in private 20 foot container

Gioia Tauro $2,850 in private 20 foot container

Shuwaikh $3,600 for 3 in 40 foot container

Walvis Port $4,700 in private 20 foot container

Rotterdam $1,700

Oslo $2,300

New Zealand:
Auckland $1,850
Port Chalmers $3,800 for 2 in 40 foot container
Wellington $1,850

Karachi $2,300

South Africa:
Durbin $3,500 in private 20 foot container

Valencia $2,850 in private 20 foot container

Gothenburg $1,800

United Kingdom:
Felixstowe $1,600
Southampton $1,750


Paranaque $2,800 in private 20 foot container

Walvis Port $3,100 in private 20 foot container
Desert Classics... USA Ground Transportation and International Container Shipping Costs