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American Austin, 1930's midget race car $10,000
B-Lakester, 1955 Bonnieville race car $500,000
Brauks 8, 1937 Terraplane/DeSoto early custom $70,000
Buick, 1942 "Roy Rogers" custom sports car $6,500
Checker, 1966 Marathon A12 V-8 sedan civilian model $4,000
Custom, 1970's 2 passenger roadster Cadillac V-8 $3,000
LaDAWRI, 1960 Daytona roadster body $12,000
Nackardbaker, 1957 roadster $4,500
Rusk, 1912 Auto House car garage $12,000
Sebring Vanguard, 1975 Citicar, electric $6,000
Stock Car frame and chassis $2,000
VW, 1958 Berry Mini T dune buggy $9,000

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Featured Restorable Other Make
Project Cars For Sale

1957 custom

1942 "Roy Rogers"
custom convertible

1975 S-V Citicar
electric car

1970's custom roadster Cad V-8
Go to 1937 Brauks 8 custom Terraplane/DeSoto 5 window custom coupe
1937 Brauks 8
early custom

Go to 1955 Bonnieville B-Lakester Belly Tank Race Car
55 Bonnieville
B-Lakester racer

American Austin
1930 midget

Go to 1930's Austin American Midget Race Car
Go to 1942 Buick Roadmaster custom convertible roadster sports car
Go to 1957 "Nackardbaker"  One-Off Custom Roadster
Go to 1975 Sebring-Vanguard Electric Citicar 2 door coupe
58 VW Berry
Mini T dune buggy

Go to 1958 Berry Mini T VW-based Custom Dune Buggy For Sale
1912 Rusk Auto
House garage

Go to 1912 Rusk Auto House 12' X 18' Prefabricated Car Garage For Sale
Stock car frame and chassis for sale $2,000
Stock car frame
and chassis

Go to 1970's Custom Muscle Car 2 Seater Roadster With Cadillac V-8 For Sale $3,000
1960 LaDAWRI Daytona 2 door roadster with hardtop convertible top for sale $12,000
1960 LaDAWRI
coupe roadster body